Automatic Holster Beretta 92FS


Fits Beretta 92FS, Taurus PT92

  • The polymer used is a thermoplastic semi crystalline structure very ductile and tough. A low specific gravity material with high resistance to oils, greases, solvents, chemicals and corrosion, so it is used to replace metals in the industry.
  • Polyamides, in addition to strength, hardness and high toughness, also possess a high thermal deformation resistance (resistant to temperatures of -40 ° C to approx. +100 ° C).
  • The Automatic Holster made of a high quality polymer, with the automatic characteristic, comes to be one of the best holsters in the market.

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With the Automatic Holster for Beretta, the weapon is carried in a totally safe manner, since it provides two different and totally independent retention systems and it is practically inaccessible to any other that the gun carrier, which helps the user feel confident in any situation.


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